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  • Self Defense

    Need Protection?

    Focusing on a simple, strong, effective defence, Muay Chaiya will give you the ability and the confidence to be effective in real situations.

  • Fitness

    Not interested in fighting?

    A great way to keep fit and your body strong. With a challenging set of exercises that use the core movements of the system that will keep you in great shape.

  • Culture

    Want something more?

    Taught in a traditional manner, it is more than just learning to kick and punch. Learn about Thai culture, language and customs. Use the Chaiya philosophy of defense in everyday life.

  • Fight

    Want to get physical?

    Suppliment your training, or aim for the ring. The best way to practice is to get your gloves on and have some fun. Improve your abilities, whatever your goals.


  • I discovered Muay Chaiya during a short stay in Bangkok, at Kru Lek’s school Baan Chang Thai. I have been impressed by the consistency of this style, by the science behind each move. Nathan learnt this Art directly from Kru Lek.
    Adrien Brémond
  • I'm thrilled to provide a reference to Nathan Brown, whom has provided me with the utmost commitment to my studies of Muay Chaiya. Nathan richly deserves the title Kru in Muay Chaiya and is an excellent teacher full of good character and meets the highest standards or professional ethics.
    Oscar Gonzalez


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